Greetings, I’m Haroon, a commerce graduate. I sometimes find it challenging to grasp concepts until I understand their practical use in real-world problems. This approach reflects in my articles, emphasizing practicality, steps, and significance. I share what fascinates me and what I aim to learn better. Researching concepts for articles not only benefits me but also offers insights to my readers at Nexus Of Interests. I also feature affiliate articles providing information about specific products, where I earn a commission if someone makes a purchase through the provided links. Find my affiliate disclosure here.

The purpose of sharing this is to emphasize that I’m not an expert, but rather someone on a continuous learning journey, writing on diverse topics. I hope my articles resonate with you and provide valuable insights.

In this journey, I appreciate your companionship. If you wish to contact me for guest posting, affiliate partnerships, or any other business deal, feel free to reach out at this email: [email protected].

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